Interior Design is a creative discipline that allows the designer to pour their style into the decor of a space along with the client’s, nevertheless there are some decorative elements that can form part of an already existing style, today we present three: Mediterranean Style Origin: the roots of this style comes, as its name implies, from the Mediterranean basin. This region is diverse, but the style focuses mostly on the countries of Spain, Southern France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Morocco. It finds inspiration in the aesthetics and philosophy of the architecture of rustic mediterranean houses. Colors: White. Turquoise blue, Klein and indigo. Red, brown and olive green.  Textures: Whitewashed walls, fresh and airy fabrics, ceramic flooring, wicker.  Keywords: Light, sun, ocean, airiness, decorative austerity. Oriental Style Origin: This style is a mixture of various different cultures and oriental styles, such as Japanese or Zen influences. It finds a lot of its inspiration in nature, both in the shapes and colors used, this style aims to translate these natural elements into our interior spaces. Colours: Neutral, whites, canvas shades, greys, black, beige, earth used in contrast to very intense and vibrant tones.  Textures: Smooth, pure, natural finish.  Keywords: Tranquillity, harmony, luminosity, functionality, elegance, tradition. Nordic or Scandinavian Style Origin: This style came about in the 50s in Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, as well as a passing trend in Finland and Iceland. The term itself was coined during an exhibition in North America promoting the Scandinavian lifestyle, focusing on the addition of aesthetic values to functional objects leading to stimulating emotions beyond functionality. Colours: Neutral. Beige, black, white, blues, orange.  Textures: Natural finishes, smooth, paper, natural textiles.  Keywords: Purity, luminosity, craftsmanship, organic, warmth. Do you want to become an expert? Check out our Interior Design Diploma course accredited by Complutense University of Madrid.