Basic Program Information


ELLE Education Seminar Series is a non-profit initiative by ELLE Education x mindway made to contribute to individuals’ personal development and the larger purpose of providing them with the possibility to achieve their professional goals through our academic excellence and expertise in Fashion, Lifestyle,Interior Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The Seminar Series was created as a step, through its academic approach, to contribute towards reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) specifically targeting where knowledge of lifestyle, and entrepreneurship can have a key impact.

Overall the Seminar Series is an academic opportunity open to all individuals worldwide who wish to gain education and advance in their professional dreams. At ELLE Education x mindway we truly believe that education is one of the best ways to contribute to global development and we are committed to fulfill our duty in making it happen.

Previous editions focused on sustainability and empowered individuals to change their consumption habits, embark on projects in the lifestyle industry that took into account sustainable practices, and allowed individuals to learn from professionals and academics.

During this edition, the Seminar Series developed in partnership with UN Women, will focus on Women Entrepreneurship reinforcing ELLE Education x mindway’s social commitment towards creating a more equitable future that is more inclusive and equal for all through education. This seminar will explore the different phases of a business from the conception of an idea to how to make it tangible.


MODULE 0: Introduction

Someone once said: “When a door closes, two windows open”, and that ability to see opportunities and solutions where people see problems is what allows us to ascend.

From Elle Education x mindway, we are committed to your journey and in this Seminar Series we will offer you a sneak peek of the entrepreneurship world in collaboration with some amazing women and leaders. We hope you enjoy the ride!

MODULE 1: Development of a business idea

We always have to start by having the idea, but what if I tell you that convincing a catcher to back up your business, does not rely on the quality of your creativity, but on the charm of your personality?

And with your business idea? How do we manage outside innovation in our strategy? Do we need to innovate in a competitive market or should we rely on collaborative communities?

In this module, we will share with you the key to understand how to pitch an idea and select an effective business model.


Fernanda Travaglini
Global Training Coordinator at Loewe Perfumes


Melene Rossouw
Executive Director of Women Lead Movement

MODULE 2: Market context

You can become a true market champion with two simple abilities: agility and absorption.
In this module you will learn how to manage every downturn and maintain social initiatives. Strategic Decision Making is the key.


María Gabriela Ortega Jarrin
Strategic Leader at Education Institute ALEPH Director of the B.A. in Internacional Relations in the Camilo Jose Cela University


Lupina Iturriaga
Founder & co-CEO of Fintonic

MODULE 3: Building and analysis of business models

Advances in digital technologies have increased the possibilities for outsourcing business activities to crowds of independent contributors. Using the collective intelligence of a crowd opens a new range of business opportunities. In fact, crowdsourcing has led to the emergence of entirely new business models. Such crowd based business models (CBBMs) can lead to an important competitive advantage while simultaneously presenting new challenges to entrepreneurs and executives.

Do you want to successfully approach innovation? In this module we will explain the fundamentals of building and analyzing your business model.


Bisila Bokoko
Global Leadership & Diversity Expert

Roundtable 1 (Live Session)Defining the business model

MODULE 4: Execution of a business strategy

When executing a business strategy we suggest you keep in mind sustainability in your value creation, a balance between consumer concerns and employee Interest, and have a strategic logic of workforce management. In this module, you will find the necessary insights to implement these suggestions.


Lou Stokes
Sustainable Fashion Consultant & Stylist


Camila Borrescio y Laura Bonora
Co-Founders in Estudio Moken

MODULE 5: How to build a team and attract talent to the firm

When building a firm, a solid business plan is not everything you need. You always have to remember that you will only achieve your goals, if you have a trained and motivated team. In this module, you will learn the essentials for creating a successful ecosystem.

When building a firm, a solid business plan is not everything you need. You always have to remember that you will only achieve your goals, if you have a trained and motivated team. In this module, you will learn the essentials for creating a successful ecosystem.


Camila Polensvaig Kominsky
Head of Degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Management at UCJC

MODULE 6: Finding funding

Perhaps finding funding is one of the scariest steps when it comes to implementing an entrepreneurship idea. In this module, you will find a sneak peek of the most important things you need to know before starting your search.


Carla Zunino
Partner Manager in Google Startups for Sustainable Development


Nwabisa Mayema
Strategic Partnerships Director at Branson Centre

Roundtable 2 (Live Session)Executing the business model

Currently only 1 in 3 small, medium and large businesses are owned by women, varying across regions from 18% in South Asia to 50% in Latin America & Caribbean.

Advancing women entrepreneurship changes the lives of women and girls by helping them break the gender biases in the communities and changing perceived social norms on gender. Women entrepreneurs create income for their families, which translate into better education for the children and better health and housing conditions for the whole family. They create employment for their communities and women businesses tend to employ more women employees and workers. Finally, they bring new values to product and services, they are innovators. Entrepreneurship helps women build a socio-economic environment that empowers them economically and protects them from sexual and gender-based violence.

Our intent is to boost entrepreneurship and contribute to its worldwide development through education, allowing participants to understand the ecosystem in which they operate, start-up and grow their businesses and integrate into the regional and global supply chains.

For 2 months, March to April 16th, the seminar will provide participants with academic materials such as research papers, case studies, as well as pre-recorded lectures by professionals in each of the six modules; to examine the different phases of a business from the conception of an idea to how to make it tangible. Throughout the program participants will attend 2 live sessions with experts, academics, and industry leaders in the lifestyle industry.
Materials will remain available for participants until April 16th.

UN Women is the United Nations entity dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. A global champion for women and girls, UN Women was established to accelerate progress on meeting their needs worldwide. UN Women supports UN Member States as they set global standards for achieving gender equality and works with governments and civil society to design laws, policies, programmes and services needed to ensure that the standards are effectively implemented and truly benefit women and girls worldwide. It works globally to make the vision of the Sustainable Development Goals a reality for women and girls and stands behind women’s equal participation in all aspects of life. UN Women also coordinates and promotes the UN system’s work in advancing gender equality, and in all deliberations and agreements linked to the 2030 Agenda. The entity works to position gender equality as fundamental to the Sustainable Development Goals, and a more inclusive world.

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator (WEA) is a multi-stakeholder partnership on women’s entrepreneurship convening 6 United Nations agencies (ILO, ITC, ITU, UNDP, UNGC and UN Women) and Mary Kay Inc. to empower 5 million women entrepreneurs by 2030. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to maximize the development impact of women entrepreneurship in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by creating an enabling ecosystem for women entrepreneurs around the world. The Accelerator exemplifies the transformational power of a multi partnership of unique magnitude to harness the potential of women entrepreneurs.

mindway is born in 2007 when online education was still taking its first steps. We are pioneers in creating an agile experience in online learning to reinvent the way things are done. We created a new methodology to assist universities in developing the best and most interactive and dynamic programs. We collaborate with prestigious universities worldwide, and we define the most relevant areas of knowledge for today’s professionals.

SDGs represent the priorities of the global community regarding human development as well as actions for the public and private sectors to realize economic, social, environmental development and well-being. The role of women in entrepreneurship, management and corporate governance has been regarded as central to successful sustainable development and welfare of economies.

Catalyzing women’s entrepreneurship and economic empowerment will accelerate the achievement of the SDGs, especially SDG 5 on achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls.

Entrepreneurship is one of the main pathways for women’s economic empowerment and equality, which can in turn have a “multiplier effect” on family well-being, poverty reduction (SDG1), inclusive and equitable quality education (SDG5), sustainable economic growth (SDG8), industry, innovation and resilient infrastructure (SDG9), reducing inequalities (SDG10), climate action (SDG13) and strengthening partnership for sustainable development (SDG17).

During this edition, ELLE Education x mindway will be holding an entrepreneurship contest open to anyone that wishes to join from anywhere in the world.

The contest consists of students presenting their entrepreneurial project before a jury where two winners will be chosen for first and second place.


What are the admission requirements?

This seminar is accessible by all individuals worldwide with access to the internet, they just have to provide their willingness to learn!

To sign up you must click on “register now” on the right hand side of this page.


What certification will I receive after completion?

All participants receive a completion certificate issued by ELLE Education x mindway, ELLE Education, UN Women and The Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard University.


Who are the guest speakers?

  • Academics and researchers experts in their domains 
  • Business leaders who want to share their vision  
  • Public bodies explaining their work in sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation 
  • Entrepreneurs of the lifestyle industries who have set up new and innovative business models Pioneering educational institutions


Who is this seminar for?

  • Professionals of all the lifestyle industries interested in understanding the current business context. 
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to learn how to lead their businesses. 
  • Students with an interest in learning
  • Any individual with an interest in entrepreneurship