Diploma Courses

Find the course that will assist you with making your professional goals your reality. Learn how to create lifestyle experiences that will lead any organization to become innovative.

Form part of a valuable academic experience that will prepare you to face the challenges of the industry and take you to the top.

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Diploma Courses

Our Specialist Training Diplomas are perfect for you if you would like to understand how the industry works, and how to stay ahead of its trends. Gain a 360ยฐ vision of the fashion, interior design, and innovation sectors. After 6 months, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to face the challenges of your desired career sector. Upon completion, you will receive a Diploma issued by Camilo Josรฉ Cela and ELLE Education. Find the diploma course for you and take the first step towards your career goals today.

Diploma Course
Marketing and Communications for Fashion & Luxury Brands

Would you like to become the voice of a fashion brand? This diploma course will give you the global vision of the industry needed to create a successful marketing and communications strategy.

Diploma Course
Visual Merchandising
and Fashion Stylist

Does your sense of style differentiate you from others? This diploma course will allow you to take your natural talent and turn it into a profession where you can define the style for different types of events, and design store displays.

Diploma Course

Would you like to develop an interior design project from start to finish? During this diploma course you will learn to grasp essential concepts, from technical drawing to lighting and landscaping, and you will also be nourished by the experience of great professionals in the interior design world.

Lifestyle Workshop: Fundamentals of the industry

We believe in the idea of learning to live and connect as the path to success, bringing the possibility of an exclusive weekly experience as a new way of understanding education.