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Do you wanna live the #MadridExperience with ELLE Education x mindway? It’s time to start looking towards the future!

We believe in the idea of learning to live and connect as the path to success, bringing the possibility of an exclusive weekly experience as a new way of understanding education.  

That’s why we’ve created a new methodology to teachour students in amore interactive and dynamic way through an accessible academic system

Some benefits of studying in Madrid include the city’s vibrant culture, diverse population, and high-quality universities. Madrid is known for its rich history, art, and architecture, and there are many museums, galleries, and cultural events to enjoy. The city is also home to a large number of international businesses and organizations, providing internships and networking opportunities  for our students .

This onsite program Madrid Course is scheduled on the 18,19,20,21 of September in Madrid, will consist of having classes and talks about leadership, communications and branding together with followed by unique ELLE Experiences as Casa Loewe, Rozas Village…

Our education programs in fashion, interior design, and lifestyle will prepare you to work in what you really dream of.

Which is your specialization?

Our diploma programs are focused on lifestyle which includes fashion, luxury, interior design amongst others. In this Program about Fundamentals of the Industry, we want you receive all the insights related to your preferences. This is why, you will be required to choose between the following specializations:

Visual Merchandising and Fashion Stylist: Would you like to know more about window dressing?, Which style works better depending on the brand or in the action? Choose this specialization and enjoy workshops focused on that.

Marketing and Communications for Fashion and Luxury: Do you want to know more about Luxury Brands and focused on this industry? Enjoy lectures of professionals of the industry and gain all the knowledge!

Interior Design: Are you more #interiordesignteam? Learn how to know what makes a space unique!

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