Want to take more than one short course? Make sure they are under the same Expert Certificate area of knowledge, and you could take your certification further. 

What is an Expert Certificate?

An Expert Certificate is a complementary certification issued by Mindway Liberal Studies and ELLE Education; and one of the many educational paths you can take in our platform.

This certificate is issued to those students who complete three short courses under the same area of knowledge within a period of 2 years.

Right now we offer three possible ones: Event Direction, Product Launching, and Editorial Processes. See all the courses under each area of knowledge here.

How would it benefit my career?

Expert Certificates give you knowledge of the different roles and focuses within the same sector. This means you will gain a 360 degree view of all the roles, competencies, tasks, knowledge and responsibilities needed to direct an event, launch a product, or carry out an editorial. Furthermore, you will walk out with the managerial skills to handle all of them.

This certification can show recruiters that you are willing to go the extra mile to achieve your goals. It can give you a boost to better understand the industry you are in, and if you are an entrepreneur it can give you a more complete picture of what your business needs to succeed.

How can I sign up for one?

You can sign up for three courses at once at the time of registration (this will give you a 15% discount on the third course), or you can ask the admissions team for it once you have completed the three courses under the same area of knowledge.

See all the details here!