The Advantages of Studying Online

Are you debating whether to take a course online or on-site? Do you think your academic experience might be diluted if you take an online course? These are normal questions to ask yourself before you commit to an online program, for this reason we will be discussing why online education has its own advantages and who might benefit from an online course instead of an in-person one.



1. Flexibility

If your online program doesn’t require you to attend live classes constantly, you can make your own studying schedule. This allows you to continue your education without disrupting other areas of your life such as your job, your home life, or your hobbies. It also allows you to take all the time you need to study and watch the classes as many times as you want or need, you can pause where you need to in order to take notes as well, making it an excellent option to get the most out of your program.


2. Digitized and Organized Materials

Not only can you save some trees, but you also have less risk of losing the materials, reviewing them from wherever you want and whenever you can. 



3. International Connection

Studying online allows you to have classmates from all over the world because online education is borderless, this increases your exposure to different cultures and points of view.


4. No Transportation Costs or Commuting Time

Save the time and costs of transportation, your laptop and your phone are your new allies that will let you study from the park across the street or your own couch.



5. Choosing Your Own Learning Environment

We don’t all belong to a classroom or a library, sometimes we need to be in a very relaxed space with beautiful scenery in order to concentrate, or maybe you have a studio where you can decorate according to what makes you more comfortable and productive, studying online allows you to choose your own learning environment according to your needs.


6. Interaction and Academic Attention

Studying online doesn’t mean you won’t talk to your classmates or professors, most online platforms nowadays allow you to interact with everyone just in a different environment. 



7. Large Educational Offers

With online learning you can specialize in whatever you want regardless of if a profession or career is not very popular in your home country. There are an infinite number of programs that can take you on the professional path you want. 


Overall, online learning has a lot of advantages, although it’s true that it’s not for everyone, it can be a wonderful opportunity for a lot of professionals or students who are just starting and need more opportunities to study what they like.


At ELLE Education we provide unique online experiences for students, with flexible courses, personalized learning overseen by tutors, a library with all class presentations, notes, and extra readings, live webinars, and video lectures accessible at any time. Check our courses out!

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My Experience at ELLE Education

My name is Yasmine, I am 20 years old and from Lebanon. The courses I completed were: How to Create a Brand, Product Design, and Image Consultant and Personal Shopper.

I chose these three courses because I am interested in pursuing a career in the fashion industry, particularly in launching my own brand down the line. In learning how to create a brand, I learned the essential steps on what it takes to write a business proposal, the framework for a marketing strategy, communication practices, the design process, and how to create consumer value. Prior to this course, I was lost on where to start in the creation of my fashion brand, and now I have a focused and clear direction on what steps to take, and how to go about taking them. The Image Consultant and Personal Shopper course allowed me to delve deeper into the world of fashion and luxury, especially in understanding color theory, body types, and visagism.  Lastly, the Product Design course gave me insight into the software and technical skills required to be successful in the industry, and explored the different materials, fabrics, designs, and sketches possible in production.

ELLE Education is important to achieve professional goals because it provides its students with lectures and knowledge from industry experts. Other than that, the nature of the courses, especially the certificate bundles, allows students to develop expertise in the subject they are studying. The courses are also not typically offered at university, and take about three months to complete, which is ideal, especially doing alongside your university studies.

The best part of studying at ELLE education was the access to the tutors and the lecturers, which is not common in short courses. We have a forum where we can speak to them, as well as the possibility of live zoom meetings. This makes it more personal, and we feel helped along every step of the way.

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My Experience at ELLE Education

My name is Alexandra Overman, I am a 24-year-old Portuguese and American designer. In 2020 I decided to enroll in ELLE Education Marketing and Communications for Fashion and Luxury Brands post-graduation course to gain knowledge and open new opportunities for my career.

Art and fashion have always been part of my interests, but I really wanted to focus in understanding consumer trends and behaviours and how brands could adapt to their necessities.

Being in a pandemic created this amazing opportunity to learn in a completely new way, and the fact that the course was totally online and recorded gave me the chance to organize my schedule the best way for me and my responsibilities. It became easy and practical to learn!

The course was divided in modules and lectured by different teachers all around the world, it was amazing to have the global vision of the industry and the guidance of such amazing and renowned names.

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My Experience at ELLE Education

For as long as I can remember, I have been a creative person. As a little girl, I climbed out of my baby bed to put together my own outfit, and as a teenager I was regularly redecorating and rearranging my room. During my higher studies I opted to follow one of my passions, interior architecture, and I ended up in a typical interior-related sales job, which did not give me the pleasure and satisfaction my soul needed. To stay connected with my passions I have been writing blog posts onmellowantsmore.

Before I continue to share my experience with you, a short introduction: I'm a young woman from Belgium nicknamed Mello and I'm a 34-year-old single girl.  I came to a crossroads in my life where I felt my job was no longer giving me the satisfaction I was silently craving for, and as a result did a lot of self-reflection. To reignite my inner flame, I went looking for a way to rekindle my passions and creativity

My educational background was mainly focused on interior design, yet, I often offered a helping hand to my friends to style and pick their most flattering outfits for different occasions. I quickly realized I needed to rekindle this childhood passion of mine, make it grow and master it with an education.

My choice for the Visual Merchandising and Fashion Styling Diploma stems from a passion for fashion & interior design as well as for creating beautiful things, and the need to connect both. 

The choice for ELLE Education was quickly made, given ELLE's reputation as a distinguished magazine in the fashion world, and the fact it has a degree program linked to one of the world’s oldest universities.

It became even more obvious that it was a good choice as I gained quick confirmation by following the class videos and reading the bundles. Especially the video lectures made me more eager to learn more, and the positive vibes I have gotten from it are still present.  

Combining it with a full-time job did make for challenging moments at times, but when you choose the course with what your heart desires, you will overcome the challenges thrown at you. The online campus provided me with the structure and motivation I needed to learn more with each passing month and I managed to reach my goal. 

 ELLE Education has spurred me on to follow my heart’s desire. I feel that it will definitely not be the last course that I will enroll in on their platform, as their courses ignite and encourage passion.

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My Experience at ELLE Education

Get to know Kritisha Prajapati's experience as a student of the Interior Design diploma program.


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10 reasons to enroll in an online fashion course
10 reasons to enroll in an online fashion course


It's time to take the next step in your career and ELLE Education wants to help you do it! If you are passionate about the lifestyle industry, studying an online fashion course to finally specialize is, without doubt, a great option.

You may have some reservations about enrolling in an online fashion course, such as how it could help your career, if learning online will actually prepare you for a real-life job, or if you can study online at the same time you are studying another on-site program or holding a full-time job... Don't worry, we are here today to put an end to all of these questions.

10 Tips Choose the Best Online Fashion Course for You

The program you choose must align with your professional objectives, to do that you must take into account the following aspects:

1.- An excellent reputation. Having good reviews from previous students is a very good sign.

2.- Practicing professionals as part of their faculty. Learning from the practical experience of professionals is the best way to understand the challenges the industry is facing.

3.- Updated academic materials that take into account the current trends. Staying updated on the current trends is essential, specially in an industry like fashion which is in constant change.

4.- Adaptable schedule. One of the biggest perks of online education is having the opportunity to organize your time the way you want.

5.- An academic curriculum that will provide you with professional opportunities. A course that allows you to specialize could make the difference when applying to the roles you want.

6.- An online campus is modern and easy to use. Having the best tools available will facilitate your learning.

7.- Personalized attention and office-hours. Studying 100% online shouldn't deprive you from getting the attention you need to learn all of the material.

8.- Networking opportunities. With online education you can connect to people worldwide! An excellent opportunity that must be provided by the platform.

9.- Savings! Studying online should help you save time, transport costs, and space!

10.- Content over pricing. The best education doesn't have to be the most expensive, it just has to provide you with the tools you need to achieve your goals. Choose a methodology that combines practical and academic knowledge to face the challenges of the industry.

Discover #ELLEeducation and Its Online Fashion Courses

ELLE Education has been training professionals in the fashion, interior design, and lifestyle industries for more than 13 years along with Complutense University of Madrid and Mindway. Currently, more than 20,000 students have passed through our classrooms reaching out for their goals.

With the courses offered at ELLE Education, you will be prepared to jump straight into the workforce. You will learn in a cutting-edge online campus, designed to fulfill all of the needs of an online student. Additionally, the platform will gather all of the materials you need to complete the program in one place: class notes, a calendar with all the deadlines, tests, assignments, recorded classes, a forum, private messages and more.

At ELLE Education you will find a faculty made up of professors and tutors with a long professional trajectory ready to help you. Additionally you will be contact with students and professionals anywhere in the world.

Take a step today and join the #LearningRevolution!


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The Perfect Synesthesia

Giuseppina Donnarumma from Italy, student of the Marketing and Communications for Fashion and Luxury Brands diploma course, shares with us everything about her own family brand! Read all the information about it below:

When you step into a beauty Boutique like Brigitte a sensation of well being takes over you. All five senses are empowered, thousands of scents that are driving you to different experiences, from a travel through the forest brought by the wood essence, passing to a smooth sailing to the Amalfi Coast for the citrus fruits. It is also a pleasure for the sight with all colorful palettes that the unique bottles bring to your senses. Then your taste is also recalled by the coffee beans that it comes offered to reset the previous fragrance to start embracing a new one. And for the last, the musical laugh of the happy customers; the perfect Synesthesia.

A matriarchal family business ran by three different generations of strong women where all their knowledge is involved in the choice of the perfect fragrance customised for your taste and soul. When I had the pleasure to interview Mary, she emphasized the importance of taking care of the client, giving him/her the most suitable product for their specific needs. She also highlights the huge difference between a fragrance "to be or to appear", the latter is a mask chosen to appeal others, usually those fragrances are the most popular one, the former one instead requires an tier of consciousness that will bring you to analyse and understand your inner self. Ultimately It's the perfume that will choose you; It blossoms on your skin creating the perfect "blend" with your PH. In the last years the research and the technological innovation led many brands to have an eco-sustainable approach to not further affect our Planet. In this regard we can mention the ICEA certification; They carry on the idea of a certified product that preserves not only the experience of a place, a tradition, the work of a producer, but that becomes an instrument for sharing cardinal values: respect and care for the environment, health, justice and legality. Above all, ICEA believes in an organic agriculture that looks to the future, agriculture that is the tool with which to face the increasingly urgent challenges of our times, from world hunger to the climate crisis.

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Why I Chose ELLE Education

Being a Romanian immigrant in Italy was never easy for me, especially at the beginning. I was turning 18 and my life changed in a glimpse of an eye. I struggled for many years to gain respect and to provide myself a career that would make my parents proud, but never really thought about myself and what I truly wanted. So I found myself stuck in a job I didn't really love and didn’t bring me any joy, just a fixed and secure income.

But first, let me introduce myself before I start talking about what brought me to ELLE Education: I’m Anca, a 30 year old married woman, no kids, mortgaged house, controller by profession a.k.a “Jolie by Anca” brand owner, freshly ELLE Education student with more dreams than she can afford. So just take into consideration the second version, it’s all about perspective.

Since I was little I had a strong fiery desire to be part of the fashion world (I don’t know why, but some things don’t need an explanation, do they?) But only now that I am mature enough to understand what I really want, I can afford starting a new journey. It was not easy, deciding to leave a path behind for where the expectations were high is certainly a hard thing to do, but sometimes we must leave behind some old beliefs in order to build anew, and for sure this is now my intention.

I’ve always loved fashion, and 2 years ago I started my own brand called Jolie by Anca, a brand of overly customized handmade hats. Since I went by instinct in creating Jolie, I thought that it was time for me to look for a course, master, diploma or something similar, that could teach me how to actually make my newborn brand grow. I believe in my dreams, but I also believe that professional shared experience, and a good organized plan are the key to reach success. I lost many days searching reliable and professional online masters and courses, but couldn’t find anything that suited my requirements. When I stumbled into the ELLE Education website I suddenly understood that it was the right choice for me. For sure almost all the programs were amazing and couldn’t decide right away. How to Create a Brand is the course I chose to attend, and I am looking forward to start this journey at ELLE Education, which I’m pretty sure it will not finish after this course, because I am seriously considering to enroll into one of the Diploma Courses, in order to reinforce my knowledge and apply it to my brand.

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3 Decorative Styles of Interior Design

Interior Design is a creative discipline that allows the designer to pour their style into the decor of a space along with the client’s, nevertheless there are some decorative elements that can form part of an already existing style, today we present three:

Mediterranean Style

Origin: the roots of this style comes, as its name implies, from the Mediterranean basin. This region is diverse, but the style focuses mostly on the countries of Spain, Southern France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Morocco. It finds inspiration in the aesthetics and philosophy of the architecture of rustic mediterranean houses.

Colors: White. Turquoise blue, Klein and indigo. Red, brown and olive green. 

Textures: Whitewashed walls, fresh and airy fabrics, ceramic flooring, wicker. 

Keywords: Light, sun, ocean, airiness, decorative austerity.

Oriental Style

Origin: This style is a mixture of various different cultures and oriental styles, such as Japanese or Zen influences. It finds a lot of its inspiration in nature, both in the shapes and colors used, this style aims to translate these natural elements into our interior spaces.

Colours: Neutral, whites, canvas shades, greys, black, beige, earth used in contrast to very intense and vibrant tones. 

Textures: Smooth, pure, natural finish. 

Keywords: Tranquillity, harmony, luminosity, functionality, elegance, tradition.

Nordic or Scandinavian Style

Origin: This style came about in the 50s in Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, as well as a passing trend in Finland and Iceland. The term itself was coined during an exhibition in North America promoting the Scandinavian lifestyle, focusing on the addition of aesthetic values to functional objects leading to stimulating emotions beyond functionality.

Colours: Neutral. Beige, black, white, blues, orange. 

Textures: Natural finishes, smooth, paper, natural textiles. 

Keywords: Purity, luminosity, craftsmanship, organic, warmth.

Do you want to become an expert? Check out our Interior Design Diploma course accredited by Complutense University of Madrid.

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4 Iconic Product Design Pieces

Product Design is about creating convenience for users whilst still paying a lot of attention to the aesthetics of the product. There are a few pieces that excel in this category, and they have become icons in product design, and essential to truly understand this field. Take a look below:


This piece was designed by Alfonso Ballieti in 1933. A great example of convenience and aesthetics, after its release it could be found in 90% of Italian households, revolutionizing how people drank coffee, as before this piece, it could only be obtained in public coffee houses.

The Copenhagen Ashtray was designed by André Richard in 1966, this piece shows how design can transform all objects into something beautiful.

The Bic Cristal Ballpoint Pen was designed by Décolletage Plastique in 1950, what makes this product legendary is the fact that it is so simple, and functional, and disposable, although times have changed and that’s no longer what consumers want, it was an amazing selling point at the time. 


The Carlton Room Divider was designed by Ettore Sottsass in 1981. This piece of furniture delves further into how functionality meets art. This divider looks like a sculpture and is a truly decorative piece.


Did you get inspired and want to learn how to make products like these? Check out our short course by clicking here. 

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