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Short Courses

You will love our short courses if you have limited time but would like to specialize and learn in deep detail. We welcome graduates of all levels to gain knowledge in different areas of fashion, interior design, and innovation. Thanks to their short duration of 2 months, these courses will allow you to gain a profound and thorough understanding of your area of interest. At the end, you will receive a certificate issued by Mindway Liberal Studies® and ELLE. 

Image Consultant
and Personal Shopper

Are you a natural when it comes to fashion? Do you feel personal satisfaction by helping people look like the best version of themselves? Then a career as an image consultant and personal shopper is for you.

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Are you a skilled multitasker? Do you have an eye for detail? Are you a creative thinker? Get acquainted with the different areas of the event production planning and learn what it takes to be an Event Producer.

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How to Create
a Brand

How is your firm different from others and why should potential clients within your target audience choose to work with you? Good products or services at a good price are common reasons, learn how to make your customers go beyond that.

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Influencer Marketing has become essential for fashion and luxury brands, their lifestyle orientation fits in perfectly with this type of marketing due to the easy portrayal of lifestyles through social media.

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Are you creative? Imaginative? Do you like to solve problems? Product Design is the path for you. Learn how to read the customers and create solutions for their problems through your products.

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Do you want to lead in your career? Business knowledge is essential to succeed! Master the most up-to-date techniques of business management to reach and go beyond business goals. Gain all of the knowledge required to manage uncertainty, and human capital.

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Fashion & Lifestyle

Want a course that is based on a proven method? Ana Couto Branding has partnered up with ELLE Education to launch this course based on the 25 years of experience of this successful firm. Find out their secrets to success!

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