I’m Sandra, a former student of the “How to Create a Brand” short course in Spanish, and I wanted to share a project with you that I have recently launched with my associate, a very special clothing brand named ALPATARI.  

It all started at a dinner party with a lot of enthusiasm, and we’ve already put tons of effort into it. It has been such a positive experience so far, from which we keep learning every day. Based on a well-structured business plan and our own financing, we embarked on this adventure that is teaching us to develop ourselves in aspects such as the design and production process, negotiation with suppliers or communication on social media, among many others. 

ALPATARI is a fashion brand for special occasions in our daily lives, it aims to take us out of the ordinary and stand out with designs 100% made in Spain. We create versatile formulas such as trouser and long blouse sets, jacket and trouser suits or dresses with a wide and loose silhouette, always suitable for all types of bodies. 

Our mottos are “live and let live”, and “do what you want, but do it well.” That is us and that is ALPATARI. Freshness, closeness and meticulous attention to details. 

ALPATARI is shapes and colors of nature and is inspired by our own everyday whims, with a clear concept of slow fashion and pieces that have value today and always. No rules, it just happens. Our clients are detailed-oriented and adventurous. They enjoy being outside, walking around Madrid, an adventure, or engaging in endless conversation after a meal or a dinner party. They are unconventional and there is always something new to discover. 

ALPATARI is us and you. I hope you enjoy this project and make a little space for us in your closet.