Are you thinking about signing up for one of our diploma courses? Here is everything you need to know


All of our diplomas have European accreditation, they are done in partnership with Complutense University of Madrid.


Our diplomas are 100% online and available worldwide! You can sign up from any country in the world.


They have a duration of 6 months!


Your knowledge is tested through multiple choice exams at the end of each module in addition to practical exercises that test that you can apply that knowledge to real cases.


Classes are in video format and they are accessible at any time, presentations from professors are also available on the Online Campus.


You have a personalized tutor who you can ask all your questions to throughout the duration of the program.


Professors at ELLE Education are all practicing professionals from all over the world with academic experience.

Guest Speakers:

They share their industry secrets with you in short sessions to prepare you for the working market.


How can I interact with my classmates?

We have an online forum where you can constantly start conversations and get in touch with them.

Can I do a diploma course whilst completing other courses?

The answer is yes! We have students who are doing both!


Find more information about the specific course you’d like to sign up for by clicking here!