Only just a year ago, I was completely lost in finding something that I could see myself pursue in the future. It felt as though a lot of people around me knew what they liked and what they didn’t and were all somewhat paving their ways. There was nothing wrong with that but I felt a deep desire to go after something that I was passionate about too. It was after a couple random trips to Tokyo during the summer that reinforced my curiosity and interest in the fashion world. More specifically the concept of being involved in a fashion event was exciting to me. After spending hours online looking for opportunities to get involved, I found ELLE Education. It was perfect. They offered a huge variety of courses that are not only provided online, making it easier during these unprecedented times but also, their professional knowledge and active involvement in the industry meant a solid and reliable education. It has now been half a year since I started the Marketing and Communications for Fashion and Luxury Brands program and I can honestly say, I’m very glad that I decided to enrol in the program. I chose this specific program because I thought it would be a good start to getting to know the fashion industry having never had any experience before. I am also currently a university student studying in Canada and thus, the online program was very fit for my situation.

Getting started with the classes was very exciting and I quickly found myself becoming eager to learn more. In contrast to many of my classes I take at university, the lectures offered in the program keeps me attentive and interested in the subjects. It is very clear to me that the professors are just as passionate about the fashion industry and know exactly what they are putting out. Lectures also include snippets of a variety of videos and photos that further elaborate on the topic of discussion. Communication with professors and other students is also maintained through webinar meetings, emails, and discussion threads. The effort put into wanting us students to succeed is another driving factor that motivates me to want to do my best in the course. There have been times where I felt overwhelmed with juggling this program as well as my university life. However, the program is simple and does not bombard us with complicated procedures. In addition, the tests that are held once a month has allowed me to be more flexible with my time and lessen the overwhelming feeling from workload.

As a student at ELLE Education, I have been able to reflect on the realities and details that go into the simplest of decisions. As obvious as that may sound, it is very easy to only pay attention to the execution of the final products. I have built a lot of respect for the processes that go on behind the scenes as that truly is the most important part. In today’s generation, we are constantly adapting and evolving more quickly than ever and innovation and uniqueness is demanded. I’ve learnt that the industry needs people who are willing to bend the standards and provide new perspectives, because it is of course thanks to those kinds of people that we are able to have what we do in fashion today. It is so much more than meeting the needs and desires, we must extend our ideas beyond that and be fearless in finding beauty in something that may feel uncomfortable to do. The environment is something that also needs not to be forgotten and I have come to realize that as important as it is to work our imaginations, we must also make sure we are making responsible decisions that lessen the problematic effects of producing. The program has only developed my passion and I am hoping to take the Fashion Events course next time.