If you are interested in fashion design, then you already know that technology is disrupting the way fashion lines are launched, and shared with the consumer.To prepare the future leaders of the industry for this change, we have decided to partner up with Mourad Bahrouch, an innovating mind of the sector and Founder of Mountain Collective, to bring you the most cutting-edge knowledge that can help you launch a career in fashion, or update your brand and processes, the Open Program: Disruption in Fashion – 3D Collection: Design, Develop and Present.

How is this knowledge relevant?

3D designs are already used by big fashion brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, and Nike  (two of Mourad’s clients) to show their designs online, they are very realistic and becoming a huge tool for large online retailers. The current pandemic has made this niche even bigger and more necessary, as big companies look for solutions that require little to no contact; from a corporate perspective this can mean no photoshoots, or  physical showrooms, and from a consumer perspective, no need to go to stores to see textures or materials etc. This is a large leap in demand, and it will need to be met with professionals who have this knowledge. It will become even more needed as we move towards circular fashion, the biggest driver of innovation in the sector.

What do I need to know about this program?

This program is 100% online, 10 hours long, enrollment is continuous with no deadlines, and also no deadlines for turning in assignments. The only limitation is completing the program in a period of 3 months. 

You will learn everything from the fabrication of reality in media, to the 3D design know-how, and how it is presented in retail and showrooms, the future of virtual reality, and the relationship between this type of technology and circular fashion!

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