A differentiating factor of the fashion industry today is its orientation towards product personalization at affordable prices, the ability to achieve that is a determining factor for the supply chain in fashion companies, and also their success from a customer perspective. 

Traditional KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) look at the financial performance of a company, they are essential to measure and quantify success, and they are important for strategic planning. However, as the consumer starts to value experiences and attach themselves to brands and brand culture, there are other factors that must be considered, particularly in an industry like fashion that is all about constant change and moving towards the aforementioned trend of personalization. 

In the paper “Key Success Factors for Organizational Innovation in the Fashion Industry” by Fabio De Felice and Antonella Petrillo, they propose looking at the Multi-criteria Assessment Balanced Scorecard in order to encompass a larger set of factors that measure performance, including customer perspective, financial perspective, internal business perspective, and innovation perspective; resulting in better understanding of the business and an improved strategy analysis.

With constant decision-making as a part of the challenges of the industry, this tool could definitely make the difference for a business. 

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