At ELLE Education our main goal is to provide accessible education on lifestyle to as many individuals as possible worldwide! For this reason we are constantly renewing our academic offering to suit your needs. Our newest additions only emphasize our commitment to our goals, want to know how? Our Open Programs have no deadlines for enrollment, you can sign up at ANY time during the academic year. We give you 2-3 months (depending on the length of the program) to complete the program, but you decide when you are ready to complete your evaluations. All of these programs, certified by ELLE Education and Mindway Liberal Studies, are led by one single professor with industry experience and who will give you the keys on niche topics that allow you to specialize in your field. The current offer will continue to expand but so far we have two programs available: Disruption in Fashion – 3D Collection: Design, Develop and Present by Mourad Bahrouch (CEO of Mountain Collective) This program allows its students to understand the role of the digital fashion designer, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on the retail industry. Taking technology and innovation as the driving forces behind the value of brands in today’s industries. The program is directed at upcoming fashion designers, or fashion designers who wish to update their skills, and online retail professionals. The Psychology of Consumer Behaviour by Kate Nightingale (Professional Consumer Psychologist) This program is designed to provide its participants with the keys to make their brands last over time.  It centers around the principles of consumer behavior and why consumers do what they do, allowing students to make well-rounded branding strategies. The program is based on Kate’s own consulting keys to her own clients and it’s directed at brand executives, retail directors, brand founders, investors, marketers, designers, strategists, architects and insight teams. It’s also a perfect course for marketing teams.  Find out more information about each course, or sign up by clicking here!