My name is Peter Henrik Gall, I’m a 29-years-old Hungarian artist with a diverse educational background. 

I try to shape and educate myself as much as I can in order to satisfy my never-ending curiosity. I pay a lot of attention to my personal development, mental needs and growth. My personality has many sides that I try to empower through continuous education, so I have studied at several universities. I am a private detective, artist, portrait photographer, genealogist researcher.

I still have ongoing studies in healthcare management, and project management.

The reason why I decided to add ELLE Education’s Event Production course to my colourful palette is because I would like to broaden my knowledge of management, to know more about how event production works in connection with fashion. It feeds my artistic side and my future self-managerial goals at the same time. ELLE Education provides a great opportunity to learn from a great tutor and experts. The reading materials are easy to handle and give me so much information that I can perfectly use for my future projects. The best part is that I can have an insight into the work of big names of the industry, like Mauricio Kirschner, Louis Ma, and many other great event producers, designers. I am very grateful for this opportunity.

Thank you ELLE & Mindway