My name is Fiamma Reali, I’m 28 years old and I’m from Italy. I’m attending the Marketing and Communications for Fashion and Luxury Brands diploma course and I’m very happy to share with you my amazing experience at ELLE Education.

I’ve always dreamt of working in the fashion sector, and who knows fashion more than ELLE?

That’s the reason why I chose to be part of this program of which I’ve been enjoying every single moment.

Since the first module, I have realised that all the knowledge I was going to acquire was what I have always wanted to learn and, more importantly, what could put me on the front line in this sector.

The fashion industry is changing so fast, trends are faster than ever before, and this means that it is fundamental to keep up and have a much wider knowledge than before in order to be part of the

This diploma course allows you to study whenever and wherever you want, but it is important to underline that you never feel alone because you are part of a community where you can share all your doubts, questions, and info. There is always someone ready to help you and guide you for everything.

There is a saying that goes “stay with the know and not with the don’t know” and this program definitely puts you in the know of marketing for fashion and luxury brands.

I am very grateful to ELLE Education for allowing me this opportunity to be part of their program, I really want to say thank you for this stunning experience I’m going through.

I hope everyone will enjoy the course as much as I do.

Thank you!