In fashion, one of the most important assets of any company is its brand. Creating brand value is essential to achieve a good market position. To do this, brands have to go beyond their traditional functions, product identification and differentiation, and they have to extend above and beyond to connect with consumers. Their functions should also include:


The brand turns into what makes the consumer identify the product as high quality. For this, of course, the product must be of good quality.


The brand must provide the necessary information for the consumer to make it ease the purchasing process.


The brand must have its own values and identity that allows for a community to form.


The brand must be perceived as something that stays and flows through the years.


Very important for today’s consumers, today companies also have to make sure their brands are ethical in practices

Brands go beyond their external features, they need teams that understand this and the demands of the market. Do you want to work in Marketing and Communications for Fashion and Luxury brands? Click here and learn more about our program!