Aesthetics, practicality, liveability,  are all aspects taken into account by the Interior Designer. Although decoration plays an important role in interior design, this art goes beyond only aesthetic aspects. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between both.


In interior design there has to be a balance between aesthetics and also the practical of living in a home. The functionality of the space is a very important aspect to meet the needs of the client. For this reason, there is a background work in evaluating the space in terms of advantages and disadvantages, in order to also look if the space requires changes in the distribution. Meaning the first step is always to analyze the architecture of the space, and alter it, if needed. The next step then is the aesthetics of the space, making it just a part of the process of an interior design project.


On the other hand, in decoration, professionals are “dressing up” a space that is already determined and designed. The decorator examines the environment and analyzes everything that is already in existence in the space, and then they reorganize it according to their style.


In conclusion, both decoration and interior design take into account how to make the space as aesthetically appealing as possible, but they have different processes. Nevertheless, both areas are very closely related as an understanding of both is needed for the professional specialized in either field.


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