The name, ELLE, itself, means FASHION. A brand that famous celebrities prefer to wear because of its stylish and elegance. I did not have a second thought of choosing ELLE EDUCATION. My generation caters mostly on designs that express their moods and their characters. Something that express their feelings even through accessories! Times have changed and we have to go with the flow of society. I believe that I have a passion for fashion since I am always attracted to new trends and new designs I find in magazines. I actually have enrolled a short course in Bahrain. I learned how to sew, how to blend color combinations and the type of cloth and materials needed for certain outfits. And now that I found ELLE EDUCATION, it is my utmost dream to pursue a better career from a renowned World class Company. I fully trust ELLE EDUCATION and I know that someday I will become a famous Fashion Designer under its professional tutelage.