The future of events looks very different after the global pandemic. We have seen that the importance of being present in person is not as high as being able to attend a communal experience. Online events have brought new opportunities, such as being able to host events with much larger international audiences for less costs. However, that is not to say that this is a “better” or “superior” experience to being on-site, it is just a different way to connect! Take a look at some features of future events post-pandemic. 

Virtual or Hybrid Events

As we briefly mentioned before, the sites for events are transforming. We are looking at new options of how to celebrate events, changing how we actually define them. Virtual and hybrid events are here to stay! 

Reduced Number of Attendees

With new regulations a number of events will have to change in size, this also gives the opportunity for organizers to create more exclusive experiences in person. 

Changing Event Design

The arrangement of a venue will have to look different to adjust to regulations and to make the environment safe for attendees.  U-Shape sitting arrangements will be increasing in popularity, but there is also a chance to come up with new ideas, as we have seen with a few concerts where space is reserved for small groups.

Increasing Use of Technology 

Apps are changing a lot of traditional interactions in events. Attendees can ask questions to a speaker through apps rather than through a microphone, and badges, tickets, etc. can be replaced with apps that store tickets. 

Sanitizing Protocols

These will now be more important than ever, event professionals will now have to think about disinfection stations, minimizing contact as much as possible, and even thermal scanning.

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