Technology is a force that is present in almost every aspect of everyday life nowadays. Huge leaps allow endless possibilities for innovation and creativity, as well as for the optimization of processes. This is especially for the Product Design sector, technology is having a big impact on processes as well as the demands and expectations from the consumer, take a look at the top 5 trends.

Consumer Trends

  1. Smart Products

Due to convenience more and more consumers are leaning towards the use of smart products. From home appliances to watches, more technology is being embedded into the design of new products to make the consumer’s life easier.

      2. Wireless Technology

Similarly to smart products, wireless technology is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience and aesthetics. The days of finding ingenious ways to hide cables around the house are thankfully becoming a thing of the past.

Industry Trends

      3. Globalization

With advances in technology it is much easier to communicate across borders and transport goods. This is very convenient for the industry since the challenge of  rising pressure for innovation can be faced with a global market that can provide both quality and aesthetic goods. 

      4. 3D Printing

As this new technology becomes cheaper Product Designers can test their products before manufacturing them in the early stages of the design process, increasing the quality of products and the efficiency of the process. 

      5. Engineering Simulation

The numerical analysis available with this technology ensures that products can be tested, analyzed, and optimized virtually by the consumer in the early stages of the design process as well! 

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