Interior Designers design functional and aesthetic places for their clients, their role includes searching and bidding for projects, creating design plans, specifying which materials are to be used for the decoration of the space (lighting, furniture, wall finishes, flooring, etc.), coordinating with contractors, and ensuring the client is satisfied with how the vision has materialized.

For this reason Interior Designers must be:


They have to visualize a space that serves the client’s vision and lifestyle


Interior Designers use their aesthetic eye to create designs and spaces that are pleasing and create an environment

Detail Oriented

To achieve success in this career path it is important to be exact and select everything in the space to create the desired environment

Problem Solvers

Construction delays, increases of costs, unavailability of materials, and staying within budget despite changes in plans are some of the challenges faced by Interior Designers and they must be addressed with calm and preciseness. 

People Oriented

Due to their role involving a lot of coordination between different contractors, they must communicate well with clients, engineers, and all the parties involved in the creation of a space

Spatially Aware

Interior Designers must have strong visualization skills and understanding of proportions.

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