The role of visual merchandisers is to create an in-store experience that captures the attention of the customer, makes the customer return, and most importantly, that maximizes sales. In addition to window dressing, which will capture the attention of people passing by, product positioning is key for visual merchandisers! 

There are techniques to determine where each product should go, floor layouts are usually divided into the platinum, gold, silver, and bronze areas. Platinum being the area at the beginning of the store, and bronze being at the back. Letters and numbers are also used to define these areas. The ultimate goal is to make a journey for the customer that keeps their interest in going through the store.

The platinum area, as mentioned before, is located right at the front of the store. This area has to be full of the items you want incoming customers to see: items on sale, high fashion items, promotional items, should all be placed in this area, this is the hook for the store; in other words, this is what will make the customer continue exploring the store. 

In this sense a lot of work must go into the platinum area as it sets up the rest of the customer’s journey with your brand. 

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