Do you always hear the term “omnichannel”, but don’t know what it means? No worries! Today we will tell what it means, what it consists of, and why it is relevant in the fashion industry.

The can be defined in various ways, but it essentially is a strategy that involves a brand’s presence online and offline, or digital and physical, and how that presence stays coherent and singular to a customer.

Omnichannels are there to create a personalized customer experience that allows the individual to interact with the brand in their preferred way since customers increasingly check out the products they like through different channels.

Nowadays, with an increasing number of channels and devices in which brands can interact with consumers, brands need to be more creative to maintain their customers engaged. However, to make individuals loyal to a brand they need to trust it, and to gain that trust, consistency is a must. So a strong strategy requires an experience across channels that is also cohesive, in other words it is not enough to just be present in different ways. 

For retail, an omnichannel strategy is essential, retail brands with a strong omnichannel strategy have a retention of 89%, as opposed to 33% when this one is weak. 

Due to its lifestyle orientation, a strong omnichannel strategy is absolutely necessary in fashion. Are you ready to take on the challenge to build the future of the industry? Check out our Retail Management and Digital Customer Experience Diploma Course, available worldwide.