What makes a press release be picked up by media outlets? Is it luck? Is it wit? Is it good writing? We are not going to lie, there is a luck factor involved in achieving this, but there are techniques and factors that will make your press release more likely to be picked up by a journalist, we will go over them here!

Make sure it answers the questions below

Think from the perspective of the journalist that will read your press release, will it interest the readers? Could this information benefit the community? Is this the right medium for these news?


A piece of news is “juicy” often if it is released at the right time. What is the right time? Well here is an example, if all media outlets are focusing on how leather is not environmentally friendly, and the brand you work for precisely uses environmentally friendly materials. It is a good time!

Define your goal

The purpose of sharing your press release should be clear: is it to create awareness? For the receiver to write a news article about it? To promote your business? 


Make sure you have a “hook” that engages the reader, that you include the most surprising and relevant details, include quotes, and any important  or noteworthy profiles!

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