Influencer Marketing started off as a secondary marketing activity for firms to support their traditional advertising campaigns, however, the effectiveness of this innovative type of marketing transformed this secondary activity into a 5-10 billion USD industry.  As consumers demand more genuine interactions with brands, influencers become the image of authentic endorsement, that is, if influencer and brand partnerships are done correctly.

The influencer market has grown significantly, this means a larger pool of influencers, and a larger pool of choice for brands. Scandals of fake followers are widely known, and choosing the wrong influencer can mean losses for firms. When brands and influencers achieve the right pairing however, firms can benefit greatly. To avoid mistakes both firms and influencers increasingly choose to have a mediator. In the case of influencers, Talent Managers, and in the case of firms, assigning an expert position that deals exclusively with this type of campaigns or hiring a specialized agency. 

Our Influencer Marketing short course prepares students to be the corporate mediator firms need. One of the main requirements to make Influencer Marketing successful is having an effective plan for sponsored content, in our program we teach our students how to lead a successful campaign, how to measure the outcome, and how to report it their superiors or clients.

Our program also prepares students to reach out to digital talent, to manage legal affairs as well as how to deal with Talent Managers, and logistics. Additionally, it provides students with thorough knowledge on trends and channels.

If you want to join industry, start out by gaining the knowledge you need to succeed