ELLE Education was launched as a platform in March of this year, it started off with two diploma courses and three short courses. We are proud to announce that our education offer continues to expand to fulfill the demand for flexible, and high quality education in the fashion and events sectors. In this upcoming October intake the second edition of our initial three short courses will be accompanied by three new courses, and more to be launched in the upcoming months. These short courses will be following the same format, a two month duration, 100% online, and will continue to combine academic and practical knowledge to prepare you for your career.

Name of the course: Fashion and Lifestyle Branding

Who should take this course?:
-Individuals who want to start a career in branding
-Professionals who want to understand how to make their brand stronger
-Entrepreneurs who want to solidify their brands

Career paths:
-Branding Consultant
-Marketing Manager

Name of the course: Product Design

Who should take this course?:
-Individuals interested in this career
-Individuals who want to run their personal brand
-Entrepreneurs who plan to create their own design

Career paths:
-Product Designer
-Industrial design researcher
-Creative director

Name of the course: Influencer Marketing

Who should take this course?:
-Individuals who want to work as the mediator between influencers and brands
-Entrepreneurs who want to start working with influencers
-Marketing specialists who want to gain knowledge in this area of marketing
-Influencers who want a better look at how the industry works and their role in it

Career paths:
-Mediator between influencers and brands
-Partnership Manager

If you want more details about these courses or want to see the whole education offer check out our programs here!