Are you an aspiring Marketing and Communications professional? Maybe you already are, but you want to renew your knowledge or specialize in fashion and luxury, in any case, today we want to share with you some terms we think are key in this profession. 

Brand Positioning

This refers to how you stand out from the competition and how your customers relate to your brand.

Unified Brand Experience

Establishing a consistent brand identity through all selling platforms.


The term for the physical location of a store, this is one of the most important places for fashion and luxury brands, where the customer interacts with the brand and can absorb the lifestyle the brand promotes.


The integration of brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce sites to provide the customer with a unique experience. This could include special perks and web-to-store services.

Inbound Marketing

An organic customer-centric marketing approach that aims to provide relevant and useful content to the customer. It focuses on long term results, as opposed to paid campaigns. 


French word used to describe a fashion designer’s studio or workshop, the perfect place for your customers to visit and see the “making of” process.

Demand Generation

The term refers to the use of technology to create awareness and interest in your product. 

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

This is the profile of what you would consider to be your ideal customer, in other words who needs and would benefit from your product or service; an incredibly useful tool.

Diffusion Line

A modestly priced line of merchandise created by a high-end designer.

Growth Marketing

This term refers to setting up “experiments” or trials to see how you can optimize and improve the results of your target area. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The first thing we think of is “databases” but actually it goes beyond just a software to keep contacts, it is a tool that allows sales teams, and marketing and communication teams, to understand their consumer through tracked interactions.

Paid Search

This is the practice of showing ads to a possible consumer when using a search engine to look up terms or keywords related to your product.  

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