The year has just started and we wanted to share our New Year’s resolutions with you! 

In 2021 we want:

-To connect with more students all over the world!

We want our educational offer to reach anyone who wants to work in fashion, interior design, lifestyle and has no idea where to start.

-To give more people the opportunity to work in their dream career

If we have to expand our offer we will… Stay tuned for new courses!

-To continue giving the best combination of practical and academic knowledge to prepare our students

Sometimes you just gotta polish what you already do well

-To provide you with more content and knowledge

We got some things coming up for the new year that will allow us to give you even more content and learning opportunities in the areas of fashion, interior design and lifestyle!

-To continue training the future leaders of the industries of fashion, lifestyle and design

This one needs your input! Sign up to your favorite course 😉