Image Consultants use color studies to find out what are the best colors and tones for their client based on their skin, eye, and hair color. Today we share with you some key facts about what this tool entails.

Why is a color study necessary?

Knowing the colors that best suit a client can help them to hide imperfections, to highlight parts of the body, and to change their entire image!

What exactly does it entail?

Color studies require the client to be in a neutral environment and to wear neutral colors, this means wearing a black or white gown, no make-up, hiding highlighted or dyed hair, in good natural light or white light, then identifying the best tones by taking a cloth with a colored palette and comparing it against their skin tone.

How are tones classified?

Image Consultants use seasons, the characteristics of each one are listed below:

AUTUMN: radiates in warm and intense autumnal colors with their golden tones.

SPRING: impressive in soft, delicate colors, with their warm yellow tones.

WINTER: needs bright, primary and cold colors.

SUMMER: needs pastel and soft colors with their cold and blue tones.

How do I know the “right” colors?

In short terms the right colors will make the client look healthy, bring out the natural tone in their cheeks, and will accentuate the best natural features of the client.

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