A common question we get from students is if they should sign up for an Expert Certificate, so today we have made a small checklist to help you, if you resonate with the majority of the items on the list, then you should definitely sign up!


-I am interested in more than one short course 

If you are interested in more than one, just do it, no one ever regrets having more knowledge! (Also, did you know you get a 15% discount on the third course if you sign up for all of them at once?).


-I want to learn more about the industry I want to go into

Short courses are designed to give you all the necessary knowledge to follow a career, but, if you are changing professions, or you are just one of those people who want to know everything before they jump into something new, this is a good path.


-I really want to impress my recruiters

With an Expert Certificate you tell recruiters you went an extra step to understand your job, the industry, and it shows your ambition and drive to achieve your goals.


-I am interested in an industry more than a job in itself

Expert certificates are a great way to get to know different roles in the same sector for example, Product Launching, Editorial Processes, these require more than one specific skill in a team.


-I am already in the sector I want but I want to become a Manager

With more education superiors tend to see a person’s commitment to doing their job well, and to have more knowledge means to be more prepared for a more important role.


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