You know that your professional future is in lifestyle, but where exactly? We’ll help you find out with this quiz!


1- What is the first thing you notice in an ad?

a- What the actors are wearing

b- The message of the ad

c- The play of colors and lighting 

d- What company is making the ad and the possible cost of the ad


2- What advice do your friends come to you for?

a- Outfits for special occasions obviously!

b- What to post on Instagram

c- Opinions on party decor or home decor

d- How to get people to buy their newly launched products


3- What do you like to do in your spare time?

a- Shopping!!

b- I’m a social media addict! Always checking the ‘gram

c- Rearranging my room or house and drawing!

d- Reading up on the current business markets


4- What do you usually share on social media?

a- Me, wearing my amazing outfits


c- My dream houses and designs that I love! 

d- Stats that I find interesting 


5- What do you take pictures of?

a- People wearing great or bold outfits

b- FOOD!

c- Any cool spaces like buildings or original cafes

d- I don’t really take pictures


6- Who inspires you the most?

a- Audrey Hepburn 

b- Nina Garcia

c- Piet Mondrian 

d- Vera Wang


7- Which one would you say is your strength?

a- Putting outfits together for any type of event

b- Writing!

c- Observing and paying attention to details

d- Creativity to solve problems


Mostly a’s: You just LOVE fashion, you love clothes, you love shoes, for you fashion is the most natural way of expressing yourself and channeling your creativity. You are just obsessed with fashion and know your favorite stores like the back of your hard. You should sign up to: Visual Merchandising and Fashion Styling


Mostly b’s: You love fashion, but you also have a creative mind that allows you to come up with stories, you are also cynical enough that you can see through that ads are trying to sell in terms of message and lifestyle, you are best suited to the Marketing and Communications for Fashion and Luxury Brands Diploma Course.


Mostly c’s: You breathe design, you love home decor, and have an easy time picturing where everything goes in a space this is why your friends come to you when they need an opinion on anything decor and home related. Turn that talent into a career with our Interior Design Diploma Course.


Mostly d’s: You have a very analytical mind and love the fashion business, you are just always thinking how any business can be made more profitable and have lots of ideas. You are also very interested in the market, for this reason Introduction to Business Management is the course for you.