Love fashion but simply don’t know which career path to follow? Today we want to help you decide with this short questionnaire between three growing professions in the fashion industry, Influencer Marketing, Image Consultant and Personal Shopper, and Fashion and Lifestyle Branding. Find out your calling!




1. Do you love to dress up?

a. Yes! Duh! Got a different outfit for EVERY occasion!

b. Yes! I especially like wearing the latest trends

c. I am more interested in the fashion business than dressing up


2. What advice do your friends usually seek from you?

a. They text me when they are feeling down and need a serious confidence boost

b. They always ask me for my opinion before uploading a photo

c. They always ask me what they should say when texting their crush


3. What do you often upload to social media?

a. My amazing outfits and make-up!

b. I don’t really upload anything, I mostly like to look at things

c. I upload things that I relate to whether it be clothes or designs, etc.


4. In your group of friends which role do you find yourself the most?

a. The one that gives fashion advice to all their friends

b. The one that mediates between friends 

c. The one that always comes up with the plans!


5. Are you a people-person or a behind-the-scenes type of person?

a. Definitely a people-person

b. I can alternate

c. I rather be behind-the-scenes


6. What part of a photoshoot do you think is the most fun?

a. Choosing the styles the models have to wear

b. Connecting brands with the right models

c. Making the set of rules for the style of the shoot



Mostly A’s: You love to lift people up, and also have a great passion for fashion these are the two main qualities needed to be an amazing image consultant! Use your natural gifts to help others look like the best version of themselves with our Image Consultant and Personal Shopper short course.

Mostly B’s: You love the fashion world, but have no need to be the trendsetter or center of attention, although you do enjoy dealing with people and enjoy connecting people, for this reason you should delve into the world of Influencer Marketing.

Mostly C’s: You love fashion, but in general you also just love lifestyle and creating a mood or an aesthetic, you also would rather be where the magic is made but not seen, for this reason Fashion and Lifestyle Branding will be the course to help you be in a career path you would enjoy.