You already know you are a business lady or man, but you are unsure which course will actually help you achieve your goals… Don’t worry today we will give you more information on our courses directed at our business-driven aspiring students! 

Course: How to Create a Brand

Ideal if you… 

-Work in a small company or start-up

-Want to start a brand from a scratch

-Have an entrepreneurial mind and ideas to develop your business

-Want to concentrate on the branding of a product

-Are interested in the concept of lifestyle

-Are interested in the design and manufacturing of your product

-Want to also learn how to make a strategy revolving around branding

Course: Introduction to Business Management

Ideal if you…

-Already work in an established business

-Want to understand the fashion business environment

-Want to understand the metrics set up in a company

-Are interested in learning how fashion companies react in the face of uncertainty 

-Are interested in a position managing teams 

-Want to work or already work in a fashion company in a corporate position

Course: Fashion & Lifestyle Branding 

Ideal if you…

-Already work in a company or are looking to elevate your knowledge

-Already have a background in communications or want to enter the sector

-Want to become an expert in all areas of branding 

-Are interested in creating a brand from a communications and design perspective

-Want to understand what brands mean by creating experiences

-Are interested in creating strong narratives for brands

All three courses have a duration of two months and are certified by ELLE and Mindway Liberal Studies, they are also both combinable to complete Expert Certificates, and are complementary depending on the focus you want to take in your career. Hurry up and sign up to your favorite one before the enrollment period ends!