Some groundbreaking innovation comes from just listening to the demands of consumers. The business world has finally caught on, and this is now what we consider part of the best practices. Today we discuss 8 characteristics of a consumer-centric firm.


1-Values are clearly defined!

These companies are value-based and have a very active leadership. They are people-oriented and have set up processes that reflect that. 


2- Obsession with offering the best service

The corporate culture is simple, and the main pillar is: the consumer is always first. Everything is about offering the absolute best service, the best quality products, and creating a relationship with their customers. This is a goal common to everyone across departments and positions.


3-Quick responses to change

Being dynamic is part of their DNA, continuous improvement is something they are good at. They are not afraid to change their processes or products to fit the needs of their clients.


 4- Risk-takers!

These companies are made up of explorers and pathfinders. They are willing to experiment despite uncertainty. They know who they are, so their changes and experiments are always “on-brand”.


5-Realistic to the core

They embrace the engagement with the consumer and take their feedback very seriously, they listen to them and know where they stand with their customer. By nature, they are empathetic.


6- Information rich

They are constantly listening, which means they are constantly changing, testing, and implementing in order to fit their customer’s needs.


7- Strong leaders

These companies have strong, competent leaders that exemplify the behavior they want to see in their company. They are active designers of the next changes.


8-Global goals

They look to be the best in the world in their market. 


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