Event Producers are the key piece in running a successful event. They put everything together and are the go-to person in event management, they are the engine in making sure everything runs smoothly. Every action they take trickles down to the rest of the team, so what exactly do they have to do during the event?

Remain Calm

Having a nervous and commanding attitude will affect the working environment and how each team member approaches their work, you have to prioritize staying calm. No one solves issues in an alarmed state of mind.

Stay Flexible

With a solid pre-plan for the event you are ready to tackle all you could foresee, but events have an unpredictability factor, and you have to be ready for things to not go always according to plan, finding solutions and having a problem-solving attitude is what will make you a great event producer.

Keep Safe

Ensuring the working spaces are safe, that the crew makes a good clean up to avoid accidents, and that the safety equipment is in place also forms part of a great event.

Stay Organized

Site builds can get messy and chaotic, things can get lost, keep a clipboard with you with all important information and documents.

Be Available!

Make sure you are always reachable. Extra chargers are encouraged. 

Never Leave Site

As an Event Producer you should always be on-site, unless it is absolutely imperative.

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