Metrics are essential in order be able to evaluate the success of your campaign and how it can improve. There are a lot of ways in which you can measure success, below you can see a list of only some metrics. Before anything else however, make sure you set up a goal you can compare your results to (a SMART goal).

1- Organic Search Traffic

A large organic search will indicate that your brand is visible and known.

2-Referral Traffic

This is the amount of people who reach your website from other websites, blogs, social media accounts, it can show you the interest people have in your content. 

3-Session Duration

This can allow you to check if the content is appealing to the leads you are attracting to your website. If the session duration is low it can mean your leads are not in tune with your content and you may want to change your target.

4-Number of Followers

This is clear in social media, if your number of followers increases it means you are reaching interested people!

5-User Engagement

Shares, likes, comments, tags to other friends, are all measurements of campaign success!

6-Completing Actions

Actions are usually related to spending on your product. Conversion from campaign to action are the biggest measurement of success.

These are only very basic metrics and their meaning, if you would like to find out more enroll in our Marketing and Communications for Fashion and Luxury Brands Diploma Course.