A Wedding Planner is in charge of all the organization aspects of the wedding day. For this reason a good professional works with a series of providers that can give the best service possible under the budget assigned to the wedding. Although time-consuming, finding the providers and making a thorough evaluation is essential for the success of the event. The Wedding Planner must have a variety of options he or she can pick from depending on the needs of their clients. Below you can find a list of the main providers you must take into account when organizing a wedding. 




-Hairdressing Salon

-Make up artists

-Dress designers

-Suit designers/ suit rental business



-Furniture rental

-Music bands and DJs

-Programmers for web design 

-Flower shops and florists 

-Venue providers


As a tip, the Wedding Planner must absolutely make sure to be familiar with the work of each of its providers and their strengths and weaknesses! A good service depends on the knowledge of these aspects to provide the client with what they need, and to ensure the success of the event.

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