One of the tasks of a Personal Shopper can be setting up a wardrobe for a client, this means selecting different outfits for a range of different occasions! It involves taking a look at the wardrobe of the client and then deciding what to keep, what not to keep, and what needs to be bought new. Here are some hints for setting up the perfect wardrobe!

First, the basics, you need undergarments! If you are a woman the job is finding the right size of brassiere, underwear in the right fabric (usually cotton), and stockings for different occasions. 

Second you need to determine which activities you engage in most (working, going out to dinner, working out, etc.), these are the main occasions you need an outfit for. Additionally if you live in a country with seasons you will need basics for such occasions for the different weather during the year. 

Generally you will need:

-A classic suit for all seasons

-A little black dress 


-High quality and comfortable shoes (at least one pair of low heels, a pair of high heels, one pair of flats, and a pair of sneakers)

-A winter jacket (with the cut according to your body shape)

-Complements (a handbag, scarves, etc,)

In general what changes according to the season are the complements, as well the fabrics of your clothing that adapt to hot or cold weather. 

Finally a really important part of the perfect wardrobe is order! Make sure you buy boxes and hangers to store all your clothes!

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