Coaching can seem very unrelated to the tasks of an image consultant and personal shopper, after all, their main purpose is to manage the fashion behind a person’s style, but trying a new style is not easy, even when the advice comes from an expert. 

In general changing routines is quite challenging, because it implies getting out of your comfort zone, from that logic changing the entire way the world perceives you from the outside is a big challenge. Although someone that seeks an image consultant’s services is obviously looking for a change, the reality is it is still hard for anyone to get out of their shell, not to mention not all clients seek these services due to their own will. On the job you will see clients such as children, whose parents want them to dress well; professionals who need a change of look for newly acquired positions or just need the services for one specific event; people who are going through a big shift in their life such as a divorce, etc. If it is already hard enough to change styles the situation of the client may also not make it any easier. 

For this reason being familiar with the main principles of coaching is very important, you must make the person feel comfortable in their own skin in order for them to be able to adopt a new style; this will also make the service more complete, increasing the client’s satisfaction. 

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