New technologies always find their way into our daily lives, so it is no surprise it also finds its place in all sorts of industries, and even if it may not seem like it, the wedding planning sector is no exception to this rule.

Nowadays couples use technology more than ever in their weddings, for example 79% of couples create a wedding website, and 53% set up a wedding hashtag, and over 75%  may also find inspiration for their weddings on social media

A wedding planner has to think ahead and adapt to these trends by offering services that anticipate the needs of the client; this requires being familiar with the new technologies and their use as well. Having an online presence becomes essential when 70% of couples research wedding vendors through the Internet

In terms of events, technology is being used to create wonderful experiences for guests. In the era of globalization, not all families may be able to come together for the special day. In those cases 52% of couples honor family that was not able to attend the wedding; which makes for the perfect opportunity to use technology to bring families together.

In all, technology is essential in terms of features in weddings nowadays, and essential for wedding planners in order to capture clients!

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