You have a creative mind, and you just know you need to follow a very creative career that allows you to transform your ideas into something tangible!

We got two possible career paths for you. Take this quiz and find out which career you should go for!

1. What is your favorite part of decor?

a. The small details that make it unique

b. The environment it creates as a whole

2. Do you prefer to work alone or in a team?

a. Alone

b. In a team

3. Do you like drawing?

a. Yes

b. no 

4. At an event, what do you notice first?

a. The details of the decor

b. If the people are having a good time

5. What do you notice first at a party?

a. Again, the decor, I really care about decor!

b. What is missing in the party…

5. Are you a planner or an improviser?

a. Definitely an improviser

b. Definitely a planner

6. Would you be more likely to help out a friend with:

a. Picking up new things for a new house!

b. Organizing a party

7. Would you rather:

a. Give your friend a useful present

b. Throw them a party they will never forget

8. Can you remain calm under pressure?

a. No

b. Yes

Mostly a’s: You are definitely more suited to be a product designer, you care about every small detail in a space, and have an eye for unique pieces of decor. Your hobbies, such as drawing align with this profession, and you are ready to make people’s life easier. 

Mostly b’s: You are organized, and amazing at leading and taking care of details. You do not stress under pressure and can find easy solutions. Naturally, you are very good at determining the mood of the party and know how to turn it around, and do not need reminders of what you need to do to keep everyone happy at an event!

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