Flexibility, availability, and versatility, three aspects provided by the ELLE Education Online Campus to help you learn everything you need and adapt to your needs. We designed our Online Campus to accompany you in this academic journey, and provide you with the tools necessary to acquire all the knowledge in an easy and intuitive way that adapts to your schedule. If you have an Internet connection, you have access to all the course materials!



You will find that can view the Guest Speaker addresses and lectures in every module as many times as you want and when you want to! Rewind, re-watch, take notes how and when you can! 



Our only contribution to your pace is the establishment of deadlines for assignments and tests, and the opening and closing of modules. The rest of the time, it is up to you and up to your schedule!




The Online Campus has everything you need! Including a forum to connect with all your classmates across the globe, a calendar that allows you to see all the deadlines, a messaging system to direct your questions at your tutor and coordinator.