Style, creativity and hard work; three qualities behind the role of the fashion stylist, but what does a fashion stylist actually do? It is quite obvious that their main role is to create styles, but what companies need a stylist for depends on the project! A celebrity stylist has different priorities than a brand stylist, or a personal stylist. What remains constant is the fact that stylists work with clothes, make-up and hairdressing to achieve their final vision, and that they have thorough knowledge of trends, morphology, fabrics, patterns, and other disciplines such as history and film amongst others. They need to always be ready to make adjustments, fix looks on mannequins, etc.  Today we are going to point out what should always be included in a stylist’s case.

1.Needle and thread

Essential to sew buttons, lifting the bottom of dresses, and small adjustments.

2. Double-sided tape

Very important if you cannot sew and need to create a hemline, and to maintain clothes in its place.

3. Iron

Either a traditional one or a vertical steam one!

4. Lint roller

An absolute must!

5. Safety pins

These are very needed to fasten clothes to a mannequin or something that must not be noticed!

6. Small scissors

Never know when you need to cut a label or a thread!

7. Stain remover

Accidents do happen, and sometimes water cannot be used and is not enough!

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