ELLE Education Certificates are designed to provide the aspiring professionals all the knowledge they need to become a leader within their desired sector; all in flexible manner that allows students to select the three courses of their interest, and join the editions that are convenient to their schedule (within two years). 

There are three ELLE Education Certificates: Certificate in Event Direction, Certificate in Product Launching and finally, Certificate in Editorial Processes.

Completing a certificate means becoming an expert that has knowledge of several roles in one profession. An Event Direction Certificate student will walk out with the knowledge to direct several types of events and how to lead their own business. A Product Launching Certificate student will know all of the steps in product launching, from the design of the product to how to advertise it. Finally, an Editorial Processes Certificate Student will also have a 360 degree view of their role and will understand not only about fashion production but also how fashion events are launched and models prepared.

The ideal ELLE Education Certificate student is hungry for knowledge, wants to lead and finds joy in it, is highly ambitious and motivated to attain their goals, and will stop at nothing to become a key industry leader.

Does this sound like you? Find out more about our certificates and embark the journey to accomplish your dreams.