Yesterday, June 8th, World Oceans Day, we organized a live roundtable with experts to speak about the evolution of the industry thanks to sustainability. During “The Future of Sustainability in the Fashion Industry” panelists tackled a range of topics including how the UN is actively working with brands to achieve sustainability goals, how the current COVID-19 pandemic is driving innovation within the industry, and finally how everyone can contribute with their actions towards achieving sustainability, in addition to answering the questions of the attendees.

The panel, moderated by Francisco J. López Navarrete, Director of ELLE Education and CEO at Mindway, was composed of CEOs of sustainable fashion brands, as well as a representative from the UN. It is worth noting that each CEO had built a different business model that contributes to sustainability. 

The panelists present were:

Lucie Brigham, Chief of Office at the United Nations Office for Partnerships which serves as a global gateway for catalysing and building partnership initiatives between public and private sector stakeholders in furtherance of the Sustainable Development Goals

Javier Goyeneche, President and Founder of Ecoalf, a fashion company with the aim to reduce waste in the oceans from industrialized countries. 

Tricia Carey, Director of Global Business Development Apparel at Lenzing Fibers, a well-known advocate for innovation and sustainability in the textile and apparel industry, also involved in the development of the marketing plan for the TENCEL fiber.

Jess Fleischer, CEO and Founder of Son of a Tailor, a clothing-tech company that focuses on eliminating waste in clothing production by using a custom made algorithm to create custom fitted fit garments. 

All of their perspectives showed different sides of how sustainability can be pushed by brands but also by the consumer. In particular Brigham finalized the roundtable by encouraging all viewers to use the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for their day-to-day.

Watch this live roundtable here!