The production of an event does not end with the event itself. Design, aesthetics, and the recording of it have become increasingly important for corporations since sharing videos and photos through social media has become a way to involve consumers in events they did not attend.

This is important because events themselves are a show of company values, and a way to get closer to the consumer by creating experiences. 

The goal as an Event Producer is to recruit the right audiovisual team that can edit all of the raw material to provide a vision of the main purpose and message the event was made to convey in the first place. Successful recordings are synonymous with a successful event. Whether it be in runways, concerts, or a product launch. 

The audiovisual team is in charge of planning, producing, editing, distributing and analyzing the gathering, and Event Producers must ensure that the client’s vision and the audiovisual team’s are aligned. 

It is absolutely essential to know the audience, translating the objectives achieved, and then also aiming  to increase interactions with the visuals, making the post-production just as important as the event itself.

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