We are very excited at ELLE Education because our courses start in just 6 days! Today we would like to introduce you to some of the professionals that will be accompanying you during your courses with their lessons and insights:

Kate Nightingale, Founder at Style Psychology  who will teach typology of the fashion and luxury brands consumer, internal and external factors in consumer behavior, purchase decision process, and more.

John William, Online Editor at Beauty Papers who will delve into the history of fashion and luxury, trends, and cross selling. 

Menekse Stewart, International Marketing Consultant who will instruct students in fashion marketing strategies, and digital fashion marketing tools.

Oliver Eckart, Brand Maker and Digital Consultant, who will delve into the fundamentals of retail, the transformation of the concept of retail in the 21st century as well as the impact of technology.

Thomas Aichner, PhD in Marketing and Professor, who will teach students about the fundamentals of marketing at the point of sale, omnichannels, management, and customer loyalty. 

Pooja Nerurkar, Launching and Brand Communication expert, who will instruct students on the creation of a marketing and communications plan, as well the management of brand image through social networks. 

Learn from experts and embark on a professional journey that will land you the job of your dreams