The pre-production is the most extensive phase of the event production processes, and is essential in order to ensure the function is a success.

The fundamental aspects of the affair such as its type and everything related to it will be determined during this phase. 

The first thing you will receive as an Event Producer is a briefing that contains the preferences of the clients and what they want, as well at the goal of the event.

Once the entire team is familiar with this briefing, you will start your “first draft” of the celebration or ceremony, some of the first steps are:


-Contacting providers

-Finding venue options

-Recruiting Personnel

-Determining the first draft of  the budget

-Making drafts of the event’s program, to make an estimate of the timing, get familiar with  the use of spaces, etc. all according to the nature of the event, of course.

Should it be a programmed event, there are many factors that should be taken into account during this phase such as the philosophy of the event, the host and their role, and the protocol to be followed.

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