The professionals who manage large events such as galas, award shows, and runways are the event producers. They are in charge of recruiting a team for all of the phases of the event (pre-production, the event, post-production), and making the vision of the client into a reality under their desired budget. An event producer must have the competences of a project manager, but also be very creative in order to lead the perfect event.

Currently, the coronavirus pandemic, in addition to the risk it poses towards global human health, is having a huge impact across all industries. In the sector of event production specifically, we can take a look at fashion shows and runways being cancelled, postponed or moved to other mediums until some stability can be gained.  Events such as New York Bridal Fashion Week have been moved to online mediums and the majority of fashion events until June have been postponed. 

Nevertheless, this crisis is showing the importance of being present to fully live an experience. One takeaway for the fashion industry is that in-person interactions are irreplaceable, not only in terms of customers being able to enter physical stores, but also in terms of creating the aspirational experiences associated with fashion and luxury as are runways. 

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