Event design is about creating the perfect space for an event to take place; making it unique and memorable for the attendees.  What makes a perfect event? Let’s take a look at some of the trends in this exciting sector!


Not unlike in the rest of industries, consumers want sustainable products! They want to enjoy events and feel good about their choices in terms of the global environment.


Nowadays consumers want unique experiences! They want to create memories! In 2019, event planners reported their events needed more experience creation than 2-5 years ago. These can be created by using unique venues such as underused movie theaters, or even high end shops; or adding personalized touches such as a drink exclusively made for the event.


Event designers will have to incorporate technology to their creative processes when coming up with perfect events! Experiences must be well-rounded, so this means not only focusing on the content or the venue of the event but also on how to engage the audience with the new available technological tools.


Current generations go by the saying “less is more”, emphasizing even further the need to create memorable experiences for attendees. In terms of decor this means, more neutral tones and less dramatic colors; less sitting which in turn allows for more mingling, again going back to creating experiences; generally, less clutter more focus on the venue itself and the content of the event.

-Retro is in!

Another trend in decor is going back to the 90s. We see a trend in contrasting linens and rich colors to create this look.

-Interactive Lighting

Using lights creatively is an old trick for event designers. With new technologies such as crowd-responsive LED lights it is impossible not to spice up your events a little!

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